[SciPy-dev] Build bots?

Jonathan Taylor jonathan.taylor at stanford.edu
Thu Mar 16 02:44:10 CST 2006


some thoughts on the topic....

for those of us how work in linux and want to distribute python modules 
with extensions in windows, this can be a pain. i spent some time 
tricking python on linux to build windows installers (with extension C 
modules) with wine.... i never build scipy or anything but numarray and 
Numeric were pretty easy...

if there was a more robust way of doing this, this would be great.

basically, for numeric and Numeric, all i had to do was build a mingw 
cross-compiler, and set sys.platform = 'win32'; os.name= 'nt'.

for more complicated packages, there were some hacks, of course.

-- jonathan

Eric Jonas wrote:

>Does anyone know if there are or have been any build bots for scipy
>and similar pieces of software? Would there be any interest if I were
>to look into them?
>It seems that a lot of the questions on the various scipy-related
>lists are "I can't seem to build version foo on distro bar" or "the
>latest svn check-in broke foo".
>I have an extra machine at home and some experience with xen (a linux
>VMware-like virtual machine system), and so would be interested in
>helping set up such a system. I was envisioning testing the following
>debian sarge
>debian testing
>fedora core 4
>redhat enterprise linux 4 WS 
>ubuntu (breezy badger) 
>My experience with other linux distros (and the *bsds) (and the
>sometimes-forgotten other architectures, like ppc), as well as
>windows, is rather limited, but I'll happily take suggestions for
>additional things to add.
>Ideally we'd produce a set of scripts that end users could eventually
>run on their own machines, if they wish, which would then upload the
>results to the main build test machine, or maybe http-post to a page
>on the scipy wiki.
>Every night, we'd checkout the latest svn from the projects, and try a
>build across the architectures; we'd output that info to a centralized
>location and then stick it on the web. 
>I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this, and maybe not the
>first to try, so I'll take all the advice you want to throw at
>me. Eventually, it would be nice to have this set up to automatically
>run the unit tests as well, but right now that seems a bit
>ambitious. Maybe this summer... :) 
>		...Eric
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