[SciPy-dev] Build bots?

Joe Harrington jh at oobleck.astro.cornell.edu
Thu Mar 16 09:05:04 CST 2006

Eric, this is a great concept!  Getting pre-packaged native binary
installs (RPMS, .debs, and so on) for all architectures is high on the
list of usability tasks.  Being able to make sure that the software
builds on all architectures is part of what's holding that up.  I'm
not up on how the packaging is currently done (other than the magic
word "distutils"), but you've put your finger on a major area for
improvement and I support your idea.  Can your buildbot be configured
to produce native binary installs, rather than just tarballs?

Please put your contact info and a brief description of your project
under PACKAGING on http://scipy.org/Developer_Zone, and link to any
other pages you make from there.  These might simply point to the trac
wiki if you choose to work there, but listing under Developer Zone
will get you seen by new folks who might be interested in helping, and
will help us track the packaging effort.  Several folks have already
signed up in the Developer Zone as willing to help on packaging.
Maybe one of them can help get the unit tests into your system, and
another can get it to make binary installers if it doesn't already.


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