[SciPy-dev] linalg naming

Jonathan Taylor jonathan.taylor at stanford.edu
Thu Mar 16 14:12:41 CST 2006

in the latest svn, things like numpy.linalg.inverse , 
numpy.linalg.generalized_inverse, etc. have disappeared. i remember 
there being an email about this
in the past few days.

are the old names supposed to still work? i see there is an old.py 
module, i suppose the easy fix is just to import old as needed. only 
this sort of breaks things like matplotlib that tried to be compatible
with Numeric and numarray....

is it too much to add

from old import *

to __init__.py?

-- jonathan

p.s. by the way, as this is a numpy issue, i don't know if this is the 
right list to send this to -- is there a numpy-dev? i didn't try too 
hard, but i couldn't find one.

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