[SciPy-dev] sandbox missing from scipy-0.4.8.tar.gz

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 11:17:52 CST 2006

Arnd Baecker wrote:
> Hi,
> it seems that that almost all contents of the sandbox is
> not included in the released tarball.
> I am not arguing that it really should be included,
> but just wanted to point this out.
> In particular, exmplpackage is not included.

The tarball is probably created using the distutils command sdist. sdist only
knows about the files that are listed in setup.py. Since the packages in the
sandbox are not built by default, they don't show up in the sdist either. That's
not ideal, we know.

It might be worthwhile to make source tarballs using "svn export" instead.

Robert Kern
robert.kern at gmail.com

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