[SciPy-dev] scikits ? [was Re: Kronecker sum]

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 13:38:10 CST 2006

Pierre GM wrote:
>> That's not what scikits is intended to be. scikits would be an entirely
>> separate package. 
> *looks more info in the list archive* 
> Oh, OK. Sorry for the misunderstanding
>> Allowing subpackages of scipy to be separately 
>> installable is another effort, and one that is stalled. The approach I took
>> didn't pan out.
> What went wrong, if I may ask /

I'll explain later when I have more time.

>>> Corollary:
>>> Is there a proper (most prefered) way to post small functions, classes or
>>> whole modules on scipy.org ? Like a cheeseshop ?
>> Write up a wiki page about it and attach the file to the page. If there's
>> more than one file (say you want a README or a LICENSE or even a test
>> suite), go ahead and use the Python Package Index and write up a wiki page
>> on scipy.org .
> OK. Is there any scipy specific template that should be foloowed ?

For which approach?

For putting a module on the Package Index, just follow the standard guidelines
for any Python module; just don't try to call it scipy.mymodule or something
similar. Although your module may depend on scipy, there's no way for it to
"integrate" into the scipy packaging as yet except by being explicitly added to
the SVN repository.

For dropping something on the wiki, look at the various Cookbook pages for examples:


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