[SciPy-dev] PRIMME: PReconditioned Iterative MultiMethod Eigensolver

Matthew Brett matthew.brett at gmail.com
Sat Oct 28 04:26:56 CDT 2006


> The issue is not one of convenience. The issue is that the GPL and LGPL
> are legally and practically incompatible with the scipy/MIT licence and
> would require a change of the scipy licence is any of their code were to
> be included with the existing package.

I am sorry to persist, but as far as I can see, including an LGPL
(rather than GPL) package, with wrappers, is not incompatible with the
scipy license.  I may have misunderstood the license, but if I
haven't, then a policy of not including LGPL code will put an
unnecessary hurdle in the way of scipy users.  I can imagine there is
a reason to prefer that option, but I wasn't sure what it was - hence
my earlier question...



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