[SciPy-dev] A question about the moin site

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Wed Sep 27 20:57:20 CDT 2006

Hi all,

we've just 'officially moved' ipython to a moin site similar to the scipy one,
but I have a few questoins our site gurus may help with:

1. Figures: the scipy pages use for figures code like:


I tried that but it doesn't work out of the box.  Is there something I can do
on my side, or install in the wiki/ directory, for this to work?  I'm sure
it's something very simple, but googling hasn't revealed the magical
incantation so far.

2. reST: is there an easy way to have moin link to reST documents and render
them into HTML?  Some of the new ipython docs (README, etc) are in reST and it
would be great to show them nicely formatted on the site.

3. Latex: this parser seems very nice:


I'm currently testing it on the ipython moin, but perhaps the python process
hasn't been reloaded, because so far it doesn't seem to work yet.  I'll give
it a bit more time (is there any signal one can send to some process to force
a reload of moin when changes like this are being tested?).

I was thinking it would be very nice to have reST and Latex support on the
Scipy wiki as well, as I hope that in the long term, the scipy wiki should
grow pages with detailed algorithmic and mathematical discussions, and for
such, latex is necessary.

Thanks for any help!



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