[SciPy-dev] scipy.test "generic 1d filter" crashes interpreter on windows

Brett Olivier bgoli@sun.ac...
Wed Apr 4 01:02:08 CDT 2007


Running scipy.test() after installing an SVN version of scipy on 
windows ('0.5.3.dev2895') causes the interpereter to crash on 
the "generic 1d filter" test. This problem seems to be windows 
specific and have appeared sometime after '0.5.3.dev2866'.

generation of a binary structure 3 ... ok
generation of a binary structure 4 ... ok
generic filter 1 ... ERROR
generic 1d filter 1

Build environment
scipy.__version__ = '0.5.3.dev2895'
numpy.__version__ = '1.0.3.dev3657'
WinXP,  Python2.4, MinGW (gcc 3.4.5), ATLAS 3.7.11


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