[SciPy-dev] SciPy improvements

Joe Harrington jh@physics.ucf....
Thu Apr 12 13:22:18 CDT 2007

Just a comment on Robert's otherwise-excellent reply, we agreed some
time ago that the forum for discussing changes to the site is this
list, not trac.  This is because many participants such as myself are
not involved in code development and do not have (or need) trac
accounts.  We should *not* encourage people simply to romp in the
pages and restructure as they please, as the web site is in constant
public view by more than just developers and should therefore not be a
playground for testing ideas (except for DevZone, which is
specifically for that purpose).  Shortly after the switch to the Moin
site, someone went in and rewrote a bunch of the pages to follow their
own style, and it made us realize that an open invitation to edit was
not the best idea.

Small changes like adding a link or an entry in a list are of course
fine to make.  Changing a page's overall structure should at least get
a brief review by the list.  The page layouts are simple enough that
improvements can either be discussed based on a posted description, or
actually made by example.  For the latter, copy the page onto a page
hanging off of DevZone and post an email pointing to it and asking for
comment.  For obvious reasons, the front page can only be modified by
a few people, not just anyone with an account.  It would be best if
people making regular changes identified themselves in DevZone as site
maintainers so that others can find them.

That said, I agree restructuring is called for in some cases, and as
Robert pointed out, in the doc area what's really needed is a doc.  I
think we'll be quick to cheer on anything reasonable in either area.


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