[SciPy-dev] Specifying library names when configuring numpy or scipy?

Peter C. Norton spacey-scipy-dev@lenin....
Thu Apr 19 14:51:18 CDT 2007

Summary: With python-2.5.1c1, numpy-1.02, and scipy-0.52, the
distutils included in numpy doesn't allow me to specify the name of my
platform-specific optimized blas+lapack library in the blas_opt or
blas_lapack sections. I've tried using the following names in the
blas_opt and lapack_opt "libraries" sections: libsunperf, sunperf.

To build and install scipy, I can create symlinks from the real
location of libsunperf to a temporary location and then perform the
build, as long as the names being symlinked to are "libblas.so" and

This is a problem, since it means that to use scipy, I will need to
have these symlinks in place somewhere in the loader's path, forever.

I'm guessing this relates to my having the same problem with the numpy
distutils package, but with numpy I could use a static library, and
that keeps me from having to jerry-rig symlinks around my
filesystem. scipy doesn't seem to work with static libraries.

Is this inability to use alternative optimized library names on
anyone's rader?

I'm not familiar with distutils in general, or how it should work for
numpy/scipy here, but I'd be happy to look at this and feedback on
it. I'm guessing that the problem is that the classes blas_opt and
lapack_opt need some fleshing out. Does this just need to be done



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