[SciPy-dev] Disappearing websites and unlicensed code

Jack Twilley jmt@twilley....
Mon Apr 23 17:19:23 CDT 2007

I was looking for some examples on using Python's wave module to read 
and write WAV files and came across the tutorial formerly found at 
http://scipy.mit.edu/tutorials/wave.pdf -- I say formerly found because 
I haven't been able to get to that website since I first found the link 
via Google.  I was able to access the file via Google's cache and I have 
been using the code for private work, but the code in the tutorial is 
unlicensed as it sits.  I checked the web for scipy and found the 
website which points to this mailing list and thought I'd ask here if 
anyone knows how the aforementioned code is licensed and what happened 
to the MIT site.


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