[SciPy-dev] Status of the doc format for scipy code ?

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Tue Apr 24 08:10:08 CDT 2007

David Huard wrote:
>     > >
>     http://projects.scipy.org/scipy/numpy/browser/trunk/numpy/doc/HOWTO_DOCUMENT.txt
>     > Do you know how to process it ? I tried epydoc beta, and it does not
>     > work on a simple example, and dies on numpy sources... 
> I updated epydoc and the patch I wrote a while ago to parse something 
> very near the scipy template are now outdated.
> On the other hand, simple examples should work...
> Do you get a latex error or a python error ?
Well, actually, I was just stupid, and forgot to set __docformat__ to 
reST before processing my python files... Now, I can get them processed.
> If you get a latex inputenc error, it may be a due to using latin1 
> encoding instead of utf8 or whatever your encoding is (look in the 
> header of api.tex).
Indeed, the package is called twice, once with utf8, once with latin1; I 
haven't really looked into it.

Does the latex part of the docstring works ? Eg, I didn't find a way to 
add comment into latex and make them work with :lm:eqn, but I am not 
sure about the syntax (and didn't find any examples in numpy/scipy sources).



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