[SciPy-dev] Status of the doc format for scipy code ?

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Thu Apr 26 04:25:29 CDT 2007

David Huard wrote:
> Here is a patch to the latest docutils svn implementing the math role 
> from Jens.
> You can look at docutils/sandbox/jens/latex-math/test/test.txt for an 
> example. Note that I changed the name of the role from latex-math to 
> math, so you'll have to replace occurrences of latex-math by math. 
> Then run
> rst2latex test.txt | pdflatex
Thanks, this is working great ! I have another questions regarding 
epydoc's usage. First, when I have a Examples section in my docstring, 
it is put before :Parameters: in the output html, even if I put the 
example section after in the docstring. Why is that ?


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