[SciPy-dev] Need some info to solve #238: cblas vs fblas

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Sun Aug 5 08:11:32 CDT 2007


While trying to look at some of the pending bugs on mac os X, I came 
across a quite severe problem for scipy.linalg when building with 
gfortran and veclib on intel. I put my findings in #238: the problem 
seems to be that 4 functions in veclib use the "old fortran ABI" for 
returned values, and this causes memory corruption when used in scipy.

I am not sure how to solve this problem: I tried many different things, 
to observe at the end that removing a file (fblaswrap) from the sources 
of fblas in the setup of linalg solved the problem... What is this file 
used for ? Can it be removed from the fblas module ? (conditionally to 
having found vecLib, of course).



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