[SciPy-dev] about numpy.max() and numpy.min() - isn't it a bug?

Dmitrey Kroshko openopt@ukr....
Tue Aug 14 10:41:51 CDT 2007

          Hi all,  
as for me I think the behavior of the func is not optimal  
>>> from numpy import *  
>>> max(array(2.), 0)  
>>> max(array(-2.), 0)  
So suppose usually I have x values > 0 and 1 time from 100000 - less than zero.  
Then sometimes I just get the error  
"int object has no attribute T"  
(provided I have code r = max(x,0).T, also, here could be other funcs - max(x,0).tolist(), max(x,0).sum() etc)  
the same bug if I have 0. (float) instead of 0.  
Maybe, the same should be fixed for numpy.min() :  
>>> min(array(-2.), 0)  
>>> min(array(2.), 0)  
Regards, D.  
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