[SciPy-dev] report on some tickets related to scipy.optimize

dmitrey openopt@ukr....
Sun Aug 19 10:43:13 CDT 2007

hi all,
let me inform you about a summary of ticket work, according to Alan Isaac demand.
all tickets assigned to me are mentioned here.


should be closed

changeset [3172] <http://projects.scipy.org/scipy/scipy/changeset/3172>, it had been fixed and now all fmin_cg tests known to me, including unittests, pass ok

the problem was in _cubicmin func, it used Num.dot([[dc**2, 
-db**2],[-dc**3, db**3]],[fb-fa-C*db,fc-fa-C*dc])

and it gave incorrect multiply with current numpy version (matrix of 
shape 2x2x1 times matrix of shape 2x2 or like that)


      TypeError: argument 2 must be list, not numpy.ndarray

so the problem was
... = fmin_tnc(func, x, ...)
earlier tnc required x to be Python list, not numpy.ndarray.
I added line x = asfarray(x).tolist()
So now tnc works with both python list (see
/optimize/tests/test_optimize.py, funcs test3fg, test4fg and others)
and numpy.ndarray (func test38fg from same file)

(bfgs falls)
we decided the one should be closed because bfgs solver is used on an non-convex objfun with lots of local minima. So nothing special that sometimes it yields other solution than mentioned by ticket author.
the ticket should be closed


      suppressing warning in leastsq and fsolve in optimize

it's done in the way proposed by ticket author, the ticket should be closed


(enhancement proposition to fmin_powell)

So, as it was proposed by Alan Isaac and agreed in scipy mail list, alternative changes to fmin_powell were implemented (object-oriented style, class with some funcs and fields.) 

//to Alan Isaac: it was Nils who published the comment, not I.

//        (please clearly summarize the blog comments here;
//        we cannot assume persistance of the blog)

Afaik David intended to continue transformation of other scipy.optimize funcs to new style, but I don't know will he do it or not and is it worth to do or not.

Won't Do

        OK (won't do)


        OK (closed)

        OK (closed)

        OK (closed)

        OK (closed)

        OK (closed)

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