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dmitrey openopt@ukr....
Thu Aug 23 01:25:55 CDT 2007

Ondrej Certik wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to rise the quesiton of documentation again, because I
> find it really confusing. 4 months ago I created
> http://scipy.org/DocumentationNew
> That is intended as a replacement for http://scipy.org/Documentation.
> It should probably be updated to reflect the current state of the
> documentation.
> Also a question to Dmitrey - is there some place with a documentation
> to your new module? I believe it could go to this page:
> http://scipy.org/SciPy_packages
Currently the situation is: Matthieu created the page
title for the page is

  The openopt scikit ¶

    Constrained and unconstrained optimization ¶

    Framework for generic optimizers

(so web search "python openopt" points to the page).
but the web page(s) are 100% related to his module "optimizers". The 
module is part of openopt svn, also, in future, openopt will use some 
solvers from "optimizers" (i.e. they will be available soon (I hope) 
with openopt syntax, that's not implemented yet because of lack of time 
before GSoC finish), on the other hand, "optimizers" remain being a 
separate module.
I didn't created webpages yet, can anyone give me url what should I do?
All I need is extracting docstring from each function (MILP, LP, QP, 
NLP, NSP) from
and attaching examples from 
milp_1.py, lp_1.py, qp_1.py, nlp_1.py, nsp_1.py
I don't want just copy-paste, because it will be changed (updated) from 
time to time. Is it possible somehow that webpages changed along with 
svn code automatically?

BTW http://scipy.org/ homepage is missing link to the "scipy packages" 
page. Don't you think it should be added?
Regards, D.
> Note: I myself also only put the documentation to the nonlin module
> inside the code. Once we agree on some way of documenting things, I'll
> update the documentation on the wiki.
> Ondrej
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