[SciPy-dev] Documentation to SciPy

Jarrod Millman millman@berkeley....
Sat Aug 25 21:44:12 CDT 2007

On 8/22/07, Ondrej Certik <ondrej@certik.cz> wrote:
> I would like to rise the quesiton of documentation again, because I
> find it really confusing. 4 months ago I created
> http://scipy.org/DocumentationNew
> That is intended as a replacement for http://scipy.org/Documentation.
> It should probably be updated to reflect the current state of the
> documentation.

Hey Ondrej,

I like the direction you are going with the Documentation page.  I
completely agree that we need to move toward simplification and
streamlining the documentation.  Please go ahead, update it, and make
your new Documentation page the official one.  I added a TOC to the
page, which doesn't look particularly attractive.  It would be great
if you could tidy up what I did.

If you are willing to do it, I would like to ask you to become the
official maintainer of this page.  I think that this page should be
aimed at the new user.  This means that when someone comes to it for
the first time they shouldn't be overwhelmed with information.  It
should also be easy to find everything you need.  Obviously, this
trade-off will involve careful consideration.


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