[SciPy-dev] superlu sources and Debian

Ondrej Certik ondrej@certik...
Wed Aug 29 01:54:51 CDT 2007

> > In the process of polishing the package I noticed there are sources of
> > SuperLU included, but not of the umfpack. I think either there should
> > be both sources of superlu and umfpack, or nothing.
> UMFPACK is GPLed and optional (for that reason), so we cannot distribute it.
> SuperLU is under a BSDish license, is not optional, and is small enough to
> include that the costs of doing so are outweighed by the benefits of not forcing
> most scipy users to download and build SuperLU separately. We don't all use Debian.

I can see now - it makes sense to include SuperLU, so that at least
one solver is working out of the box for every scipy user. Generally
though, my philosophy is not to distribute other programs in projects,
but rather it is the job of the linux distribution (whichever you use)
to do so.

OK, thanks for clarification.


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