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Wed Dec 19 19:39:08 CST 2007

Thanks to all.  This sounds great.


On Dec 19, 2007 12:52 PM, Travis E. Oliphant <oliphant@enthought.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> We had a great Sprint at Berkeley over last weekend.  Jarrod deserves a
> huge hand for organizing it and Fernando should be also congradulated
> for making the Sprint a productive communication session with a lot of
> different people.
> Going forward, there will be a relatively informal SciPy board whose
> purpose is to keep SciPy (and NumPy) moving forward.   Currently, this
> board consists of  (alphabetically)
> Eric Jones
> Robert Kern
> Jarrod Millman
> Travis Oliphant
> Our goal is to clean up SciPy and get it ready for 1.0 release over the
> next year or so (which will need lots of help from the community).   If
> anybody else is interested in serving on this board, just send me email.
> As part of this goal, we will be having regular "sprints" as well
> virtual "bug-days" and "doc-days" where people who want to participate
> using IRC can join in and coordinate efforts.   There will be at least
> one bug-day or doc-day every month over the next year (on the last
> Friday of the month).   The first one is a "doc-day" which will be held
> Friday on December 28, 2007 (getting started on New Year's resolutions
> early).   This doc-day will be virtual where anyone with an internet
> connection can join in on the scipy channel on  irc.freenode.net.
> At least one board member will be available at each "doc-day" or
> "bug-day" (even if we have to recruit board members to make it happen :-) )
> The recent Sprint was very helpful.  Jarrod is putting together some
> material from the Sprint.  But, I wanted to provide over-view
> information for those who may be interested in what happend.
> Summary:
> A lot of great discussion took place (and some fine actual coding by a
> few) which resulted in the following plans:
> Schedule
> ------------
>   * NumPy 1.0.5 in mid January
>   * SciPy 0.7.0 in mid March to April
>   * NumPy 1.1 by August 2008 (may slip a bit depending on what is wanted
> to be included)
> The plans below are for NumPy 1.0.5 and SciPy 0.7.0 unless otherwise noted.
> IO
> ----
>   * scipy.io will be gutted and what functionality remains will be
> placed in numpy.io.
>   * scipy.io will be a place for file readers and writers for various
> data formats (data, audio, video, images, matlab, excel, etc.)
>   * NumPy will get a standard binary file format (.npy/.npz) for
> arrays/groups_of_arrays.
>   * NumPy will be trying to incorporate some of matplotlib's csv2rec and
> rec2csv functionality.
>   * Pickling arrays will be discouraged (you will still be able to do
> it, we will just try to not make it seem that it is the "default" way to
> save arrays).
> Testing
> ---------
>   * scipy unit-testing will be "nose-compliant" and therefore nose will
> be required to run the SciPy tests.
>   * NumPy will still use the current testing framework but will support
> SciPy's desire to be nose-compliant.  NumPy 1.1 tests may move to just
> being "nose-compliant"
>   * The goal is to make tests easier for contributors to write.
> Weave
> ---------
>   * weave will not move into NumPy yet, but possibly at NumPy 1.1, there
> could be a separate package containing all the "wrapping" support code
> for NumPy in a more unified fashion (if somebody is interested in this,
> it is a great time to jump in).
> Sandbox
> -----------
>   * the scipy sandbox is disappearing (except for user playgrounds) and
> useful code in it will be placed in other areas.
> Python versions
> --------------------
>   * SciPy 0.7.0 will require Python 2.4 (we can now use decorators for
> SciPy).
>   * NumPy will still be useful with Python 2.3 until at least 1.1
> Other discussions
> ----------------------
>   * numpy-scons will be a separate package for now for building
> extensions with scons (we need experience to figure out what to do with
> it).
>   * fixes to repr for numpy float scalars were put in place
>   * Thanks to Rob Falck scipy.optimize grew slsqp  (sequential
> least-squares programming) method (allows for equality and inequality
> constraints).   The code by Dieter Kraft was wrapped.
>   * We will be working to coordinate efforts with William Stein (of SAGE
> fame) in the future.  Sage developers will be coming to Austin at the
> end of February to do some cooperative sprinting.
>   * Brian Granger is working on a parallel version of NumPy that is very
> interesting.
> Deprecation approaches
> -------------------------------
> Functions in SciPy that are disappearing will be "deprecated" with
> appendages to the docstring to explain how to do it differently.  The
> deprecation will issue a warning when the function is run.  In the next
> version, the function will disappear.   Once SciPy hits 1.0, the
> deprecation paradigm will be a bit more conservative.
> A lot of fabulous things are happening with SciPy.  It is an exciting
> time to be a part of it.   There are a lot of ways to jump in and
> participate so feel free.   If there is something you think needs
> addressing, then please share it.   We may have a simple PEP process in
> the future, but for now the rule is basically "working code."
> Best regards,
> -Travis O.
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