[SciPy-dev] Moving numexpr to its own project

Francesc Altet faltet@carabos....
Mon Dec 24 01:56:08 CST 2007

A Monday 24 December 2007, David M. Cooke escrigué:
> Hi,
> With the pending closing of the scipy.sandbox (anybody want to cough
> up more details on that, btw? When? How?), I want to move numexpr to
> its own project, likely hosted on Google Code. It's not something I
> think is "sciencey" enough for a scikit (plus, I don't like sharing a
> bug database with other, separate, projects), and it's more like
> weave (but simpler).
> Tim H., Francesc, Ivan? You're the main contributors; does this work
> for you?

Sounds good here.  I'd like to help fixing some things like those listed 
in ticket #529:

    * Implement more functions, like exp, ln, log10 and others. 

    * The setup.py is too terse, and seems to support only the gcc 
compiler. More work should be done to include support other compilers, 
and most specially MSVC. Also, MSVC should be directed to compile with 
optimization level 1 only, in order to get reasonable compile times. 

But that can wait until numexpr is in Google Code.

It's nice to see numexpr taking flight as a stand-alone project :)


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