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Matthieu Brucher matthieu.brucher@gmail....
Fri Dec 28 00:13:51 CST 2007

> > Weave
> > ---------
> >   * weave will not move into NumPy yet, but possibly at NumPy 1.1, there
> > could be a separate package containing all the "wrapping" support code
> > for NumPy in a more unified fashion (if somebody is interested in this,
> > it is a great time to jump in).
> It's worth crediting Min (Benjamin Ragan-Kelley, ipython developer)
> for spending the whole day deep in the bowels of weave clenaing up
> tens of test failures that had been in for a long time.  The weave
> tests aren't getting correctly picked up by scipy.test(), hence they
> hadn't been reported, but you can see them with weave.test(10).

This is good news :)
Will other compilers be supported by the Blits converters, like ICL or
Visual Studio ? Last time I tried ty use ICL, some headers were missing :|

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