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Fri Dec 28 01:14:04 CST 2007

> Also, having a name like scipydev tells everybody what the purpose of
> the project is.  Right now, for example, I have no idea why delaunay,
> openopt, audiolab, and learn are scikits.  They do not seem domain
> specific to me.  But, then again, perhaps the developers don't want to
> put their packages into scipy.  If that is the case, then I'd like that
> to be clear up front and use that to help fix whatever issues are
> causing scipy to be "unattractive" to a developer of a module with
> obvious wide-spread appeal.

I can speak about openopt and learn (but in the future for the latter).
For once, I don't think my code is good enough to be in scipy.
For openopt, I don't know how it fits in scipy, it depends on how well
dmitrey did the branches on the additional external solvers. Although my
code is not domain specific (generic optimizers), it is not as easy to use
as a simple call to a function (but far more powerful IMHO). Besides it
might use an additional matrix library in the future for some modificied
As for learn, I may put some of my manifold learning stuff in it, and it
uses ctypes or SWIG intensively as well as a matrix library (a lot is still
done in C++) and it depends on my generic optimizers.

So perhaps all that is not my code would fit in Scipy, but I'd like some
additional thoughts about it ;).

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