[SciPy-dev] Scikits and stuff

dmitrey dmitrey.kroshko@scipy....
Fri Dec 28 04:21:57 CST 2007

I would like to propose to ask user (after scipy installation) about 
willing to install some more scikits, for example

 >>> you can select some scikits packages you want to install:

                 ver           date            license           description

1. learn    0.1        2007-12-01      GPL              machine learn
2. pylab    0.4b      2007-11-01      LGPL         matlab-Python bridge

 >>>enter your choise (comma- or space- separated)

It will require working internet connection. Alternatively (and/or 
optionally) user can specify directory containing scikits files, 
transferred as tar.gz files or from svn repository w/o working internet 

Also, user may be interested in installing scikit directly from svn 
repository (latest snapshot), so idea of organizing this possibility 
also should be taken into account.

I guess only few (which are already rather good, or because no good 
alternative is available for now) scikits should be proposed. When some 
scikit become out of support because newer more powerful one have 
appeared or support dropped or due to any other reasons - scikit name 
should be excluded from the list of propositions.

Regards, D.

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