[SciPy-dev] Fitpack, insert, and spline -> bezier conversion

Zachary Pincus zpincus@stanford....
Wed Feb 7 03:22:41 CST 2007

Hello all,

My b-spline to bezier function and patch to insert.f are both attached.

Here's an example (using Gnuplot.py):

import numpy
from scipy.interpolate import splprep,splev

u = numpy.linspace(0, 2*numpy.pi, 100, True)
x = numpy.cos(u)
y = numpy.sin(u)
circle, uout = splprep([x,y],u=u,s=0.001,per=True)
circle_plot = Gnuplot.Data(numpy.transpose(splev 
circle_control = Gnuplot.Data(numpy.transpose(circle[1]),with='points')
bezier_control = [Gnuplot.Data(b,with='points') for b in
g = Gnuplot.Gnuplot()
g.plot(circle_plot, circle_control)
g.plot(circle_plot, *bezier_control)

sin, uout = splprep([u,y],u=u,s=0.001,per=False)
sin_plot = Gnuplot.Data(numpy.transpose(splev(uout,sin)),with='lines')
sin_control = Gnuplot.Data(numpy.transpose(sin[1]),with='points')
bezier_control = [Gnuplot.Data(b,with='points') for b in
g = Gnuplot.Gnuplot()
g.plot(sin_plot, sin_control)
g.plot(sin_plot, *bezier_control)



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On Feb 6, 2007, at 7:06 PM, Robert Kern wrote:

> Zachary Pincus wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I've been working with scipy.interpolate a lot lately (hence some of
>> the noise on this list; sorry) to write some code to convert cubic
>> parametric b-splines into bezier curves (for easy output to things
>> like postscript or SVG).
>> With the FITPACK 'insert' routine wrapped, this is relatively easy
>> once you figure out how, although there are a few gotchas. (Would
>> such a bit of code be useful in the scipy fitpack library?)
> Yes, please!
>> In the course of writing these conversion functions, I came upon some
>> subtle bugs in the original implementation of insert.f from netlib.
>> (They have to do with how the range into which the knot will be
>> inserted is chosen in corner cases that occur when converting
>> periodic splines to bezier curves.) I've tried contacting Dr.
>> Dierckx, but so far without luck.
>> What would be the best approach to making sure that at least scipy
>> gets correct versions? Should I contact the netlib people?
> They're probably not in a position to accept updates from anyone  
> but the authors
> themselves, but you can try.
>> Should I
>> send you guys my patch and further fork the codebase?
> That seems like the best thing to do.
> -- 
> Robert Kern
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> harmless enigma
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> though it had
>  an underlying truth."
>   -- Umberto Eco
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