[SciPy-dev] New scattered data interpolation module

John Travers jtravs@gmail....
Thu Feb 8 06:16:56 CST 2007

Hi all,
I have just uploaded a new module to the sandbox called rbf.
It has a single class Rbf for scattered data interpolation in n-dimensions.
It uses radial basis functions for the interpolation. To be completely
honest I do
not fully understand how it works (though it looks straightforward).
The code is very closely based on some Matlab contributed code by Alex
Chirokov which can be found at:


No license was specified so I assumed public domain. Maybe this is
bad?! If so I'll
delete the module immediately.

It does, however, work very well. Some simple examples are shown at:


I cannot attest to the accuracy or robustness of this code, I only
know that it has worked in a few cases. I would appreciate any
feedback about the code or the license issues.


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