[SciPy-dev] timeseries tdates.py

Pierre GM pgmdevlist@gmail....
Tue Feb 13 14:32:45 CST 2007

> > PS. Have you seen the scipy 02  paper by Reggie Duggard  ???
> I have not seen it, but would be interested in taking a look if you have a
> copy available.

Same here

> ...The items pushing that back right now are updating
> tseries.py to reflect the major overhaul of maskedarray that Pierre did the
> other day (it actually won't work right now if you try to use the latest
> version of maskedarray from the sandbox in svn), and reviewing some axis
> labelling behaviour with the plotlib sub-module and adding some plotting
> examples to the wiki. There are other things to do beyond that obviously,
> but those are the main things holding up the alpha release (correct me if
> you disagree here Pierre).

Funny, reading this sentence I realize these are all things that I'm in charge 
of. Mmh, how strange. 
Unfortunately, this week's gonna be a bit tough for me (some other 
professional commitments), but hopefully the timseries/maskedarray updates 
should be available this week-end.

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