[SciPy-dev] sparsetools - new and (hopefully) improved!

Nathan Bell wnbell at gmail.com
Sat Jan 6 01:36:00 CST 2007

On 1/6/07, Tim Leslie <tim.leslie at gmail.com> wrote:>
> Hi Nathan,
> I've grabbed your code from svn (thanks for putting it in!) but I'm
> having a bit of a problem with the tests. Running scipy.tests()
> results in 83 test failures, for example:

> >>> dir(scipy.sparse.sparsetools)
> ['__doc__', '__file__', '__name__', '__version__', 'ccootocsc',
> 'ccscadd', 'ccscextract', 'ccscgetel', 'ccscmucsc', 'ccscmucsr',
> 'ccscmul', 'ccscmux', 'ccscsetel', 'ccsctocoo', 'ccsctofull',
> 'ccsrmucsc', 'ccsrmux', 'cdiatocsc', 'cfulltocsc', 'ctransp',
> 'dcootocsc', 'dcscadd', 'dcscextract', 'dcscgetel', 'dcscmucsc',
> 'dcscmucsr', 'dcscmul', 'dcscmux', 'dcscsetel', 'dcsctocoo',
> 'dcsctofull', 'dcsrmucsc', 'dcsrmux', 'ddiatocsc', 'dfulltocsc',
> 'dtransp', 'scootocsc', 'scscadd', 'scscextract', 'scscgetel',
> 'scscmucsc', 'scscmucsr', 'scscmul', 'scscmux', 'scscsetel',
> 'scsctocoo', 'scsctofull', 'scsrmucsc', 'scsrmux', 'sdiatocsc',
> 'sfulltocsc', 'stransp', 'zcootocsc', 'zcscadd', 'zcscextract',
> 'zcscgetel', 'zcscmucsc', 'zcscmucsr', 'zcscmul', 'zcscmux',
> 'zcscsetel', 'zcsctocoo', 'zcsctofull', 'zcsrmucsc', 'zcsrmux',
> 'zdiatocsc', 'zfulltocsc', 'ztransp']
> Do you have this same problem, or this something I might have done
> wrong somewhere along the line.

Those appear to be from the previous fortran implementation.  Can you try:

rm -rf scipy/build
rm -rf scipy/Lib/sparse
svn update

and see if that remedies the problem?  I suspect you just have a stray
_sparsetools.so from before.

Nathan Bell wnbell at gmail.com

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