[SciPy-dev] new sparsetools + umfpack

Robert Cimrman cimrman3 at ntc.zcu.cz
Wed Jan 10 08:39:43 CST 2007

Nathan Bell wrote:
> I may be misreading this, but isn't it 0.25/3.27 ~= 7.6%?

Yeah, I that's when one just looks and does not actually count...

> Re: Matthew Brett
>> Maybe different interfaces for sorted and (possibly) unsorted?  Or is
>> this not practical?
> That would be a reasonable place - anyone who called it with
> non-standard arguments would take on the responsibility of sorting
> themselves.  Anyone who just wanted to solve a few systems could
> safely ignore sorting issues.

IMHO everyone will be happy with this (see my answer to Matthew). I will
implement it, if you and others agree.


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