[SciPy-dev] GSoC weekly report

dmitrey openopt@ukr....
Fri Jul 6 14:34:29 CDT 2007

Ondrej Certik wrote:
>> So it's your own decision, but please, don't annoy with your questions
>> anymore - we have our own work, and we do not see any benefits of
>> spending our time with your one, moreover, for free. Please, just finish
>> your education as quickly as it can be and go away - we need people
>> working in our projects.
> Wow, so the chief of your department is telling you to go abroad as
> soon as possible and don't "annoy" him with any questions? Not a nice
> attitude to students.
> Ondrej
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At 1st, this opinion is a sum of some department workers, not just only 
2nd, they do not insist me to go abroad, they know that I'm working on-line.
3rd, I perfectly understand the opinion. And I think they are right. 
Here in Ukraine you should work very hard for to earn some money, so 
they have no time to do any additional job, moreover for free. And there 
is no sense to hire me for work in their department (and hence assist 
me) if I will spend most of time working for someone else, than their 
Regards, D.

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