[SciPy-dev] GSoC weekly report

dmitrey openopt@ukr....
Sat Jul 7 02:49:13 CDT 2007

Matthieu Brucher wrote:
>     What about name, they said "so we must each time explain to everyone
>     that OpenOpt and scikits.optimize is the same? How scikits.optimize
>     users will know that scikits.optimize is same as OpenOpt? We see no
>     benefits here."
> I don't understand this. Are they advertizing OpenOpt ? Why couldn't 
> they advertize it under another name ?
> Matthieu
I guess they don't want to explain each time what does 
"scikits.optimize" (or like that) mean. They want their work to be 100% 
belonging to their own department, and found only *OPT to be appropriate 
vendor for the product, like PENOPT or our SolvOpt are. Also, they want 
to have possibility to remain the same name for any other lang (they 
say: who knows, maybe ruby of fortress or something else will made 
python/scipy obsolete very soon? and efforts for the brand (or vendor? 
excuse my English) will be just waste of time?)


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