[SciPy-dev] GSoC weekly report

dmitrey openopt@ukr....
Sat Jul 7 05:19:44 CDT 2007

Jarrod Millman wrote:
> I may well be misunderstanding some of
> the issues with your Department and I am not sure what the outcome of
> that discussion was, so please forgive me if that is the case. 
Yes, you did. So the history and the current situations are as described 
1. My dept staff accepted me as PhD student and thought I will assist 
them in their projects (after graduation or even earlier) 100% of my 
work time (or so).
2. In a time free from work and study I had wrote "OpenOpt for 
MATLAB/Octave" toolkit. Some of dept staff assisted me with their 
advices and provide me literature and some fortran code (non-smooth ralg 
3. I explained them about my GSoC participation, that will allow me to 
earn essential (for Ukraine) money (those PhDs who are hired in 
Ukrainian National Science Academy institutes (like my is) earn (as 
junior scientific workers) ~120$/month (from state), however, some 
(lucky) got grants from abroad (and/or Ukraine commercial organizations 
and/or foundations), like my dept do).
Despite they do not take Python as scientific language seriously, they 
promised me to help from time to time. However, while discussions I 
always referred to the project as "OpenOpt project, creation of UNSA 
cybernetics institute, optimization department", with vendor belonging 
to our dept. Also, we intended creation of new dept web-site (vs 
obsolete web-page: http://www.icyb.kiev.ua/Web_120.htm) like 
"openopt.net" or so.
4. So, when they have heard it will be just "scikits.optimize" project, 
and no our vendor will be used ("scikits.openopt" at least), they have 
lost any sense of assisting me.

So, I need somehow to return their interest (elseware 4-5 months later, 
when I should pass my graduation, I will not be hired into department 
and will not be able to consult with them), and I suspect returning of 
"openopt" is program-minimum.


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