[SciPy-dev] Scikits to be read-only 10am Central (7/19)

Jarrod Millman millman@berkeley....
Thu Jul 19 03:32:38 CDT 2007

Hello everyone,

As part of David Cournapeau's SoC machine learning project, we will be
moving a few packages out of scipy.sanbox to scikits.learn.  As
previously discussed on the list, the specific packages are:

I am going to try to make this as painless for everyone as possible,
so we are going to make this transition in a few steps.  The first
step is that tomorrow, I am going to copy all 4 packages (with their
histories) over to the machine learning scikit.

To make sure I don't mess anything up, the scikit repository will be
read-only starting at 10am central time.  The changes won't take very
long, so by 11am central the scikits repository will be read-write
again.  I will send out an email before and after the changes.


Jarrod Millman
Computational Infrastructure for Research Labs
10 Giannini Hall, UC Berkeley
phone: 510.643.4014

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