[SciPy-dev] ticket 285 (changes in optimize.brent)

dmitrey openopt@ukr....
Mon Jul 30 14:33:46 CDT 2007

hi all,
rev. 3209 contains changes to optimize.brent (I implemented the brent 
class in the way proposed by Alan Isaac + 4 tests related to brent were 

So I guess the ticket 285 should be closed.
Also, I have changed some docstrings related to brent and some other 
funcs ():

 If bracket is two numbers *(a,c)* then they are
    assumed to be a starting interval for a downhill bracket search
    (see bracket);* it doesn't always mean that obtained solution will 
satisfy a<=x<=c*.

(As for me some weeks ago I was surprised to obtain solution from 
outside of the (a,c) interval, MATLAB has only one func fminbound that 
yields solution strictly from the given interval, but some 
scipy.optimize line-search routines use strictly the interval and some 
other, like brent, use only as starting interval for bracket search, and 
this is not properly descriebed in documentation).

Regards, D.

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