[SciPy-dev] Binary i/o package

Erin Sheldon erin.sheldon@gmail....
Fri Jun 1 07:40:21 CDT 2007

The overwhelming silence tells me that either no one here thinks this
is relevant or no one bothered reading the email.  I feel like the
functionality I have written into this package is so basic it belongs
in scipy io if not in numpy itself. Please give me some feedback one
way or another.

If it just seems irrelevant then I may just look into making it a
scikits package.


On 5/30/07, Erin Sheldon <erin.sheldon@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all -
> The tofile() and fromfile() methods are excellent for reading and
> writing arrays to disk, and there are good tools in scipy for ascii
> input/output.
> I often find myself writing huge binary files to disk and then wanting
> to extract particular rows and columns from that file.  It is natural
> to associate the fields of a numpy array with the fields in the file,
> which may be inhomogeneous.  The ability to extract this information
> is straightforward to code in C/C++ and brings the file close to a
> database in functionality without all the overhead of working with a
> full database or pytables.
> I have written a simple C++ numpy extension for reading binary data
> into a numpy array, with the ability to select rows and fields
> (columns).  One enters the dtype that describes each row in
> list-of-tuples form and the code creates a numpy array (with perhaps a
> subset of the fields), reads in the requested data, and returns the
> result.  Pretty simple.
> I feel like this is a pretty generic and useful type of operation, and
> if people agree I think it could go into the scipy io subpackage.
> The package is called readfields currently; it contains the
> readfields.so from the C++ code as well as simple_format.py which
> contains modules create files with a simple self-describing header and
> data written using tofile()) and a read function which parses the
> header and uses readfields to extract subsets of data.
> Anyone interested in trying it out can get the package here:
> http://sdss.physics.nyu.edu/esheldon/python/code/
> Erin

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