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Robert Kern robert.kern@gmail....
Tue Jun 5 17:08:08 CDT 2007

dmitrey wrote:
> hi all,
> Now I'm reading the page https://projects.scipy.org/scipy/scikits/ and I 
> have some questions:
> 1) should I place code in all svn branches (trunk, tags, branches)? 
> (seems like David Cournapeau currently uses only trunk)

No, just the trunk for now. Matthieu points out the SVN Book, which is good
reading for what each of these is used for.

> 2) if I shall use
> config.add_data_dir('directory15'), will all subdirectories of 
> directory15 added to python path automatically or it requires additional 
> efforts?

All subdirectories are added.

> 3) In cvs I need .cvsignore file in my directories. I have noticed in 
> http://projects.scipy.org/scipy/scikits/browser/trunk/pymat "Property 
> *svn:ignore* set to /|*.pyc|/". So, now I don't need to create any 
> *ignore files?

Correct. However, I personally recommend setting *.pyc and similar (*.o, *.so,
etc.) ignores in your personal SVN client configuration rather than having to
set them on each directory. Here is the relevant part of my ~/.subversion/config

### Set global-ignores to a set of whitespace-delimited globs
### which Subversion will ignore in its 'status' output, and
### while importing or adding files and directories.
global-ignores = *.o *.lo *.la .*.swp *.pyc *.so *.orig .*.rej *.rej .*~ *~ .#*
.DS_Store .hg .hgignore be bi site.cfg .*.swo .gdb_history

Unfortunately, I don't know how to do this on Windows.

I reserve svn:ignore properties for specific things to ignore. For example, the
root directory of your package (e.g. trunk/foo/) should probably have the
following in its svn:ignore


in order to ignore these build directories that only show up in the root.

Robert Kern

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