[SciPy-dev] howto checkout project from scikits? (I get error)

Robert Kern robert.kern@gmail....
Wed Jun 6 02:24:03 CDT 2007

dmitrey wrote:
> I use
> svn co http://projects.scipy.org/scipy/scikits/browser/trunk pymat
> and it yields
> svn: PROPFIND request failed on '/scipy/scikits'
> svn: PROPFIND of '/scipy/scikits': 200 Ok (http://projects.scipy.org)
> (and nothing changes in my directory)

That's right. That's just the repository browser; it is not the URL of the
repository. Unfortunately, the current front page of the Trac is misleading. The
actual repository is here:


In order to check out pymat, for example, you would issue this command:

  $ svn co http://svn.scipy.org/svn/scikits/trunk/pymat ./pymat

That second argument is optional; it's just what you want the checkout directory
to be named. It defaults to the last part of the URL.

> First of all I'm interested because I want to add my project to correct 
> place in scikits, I guess it should be something like
> svn add http://projects.scipy.org/scipy/scikits/trunk OpenOpt
> (and then svn ci)

The usual process is to make the target directory first:

  $ svn mkdir http://svn.scipy.org/svn/scikits/trunk/openopt

Then check out the empty directory:

  $ svn co http://svn.scipy.org/svn/scikits/trunk/openopt openopt

Now copy over or create all of the files into that directory:

  $ cd openopt
  $ cp -R ~/src/OpenOpt/* .

Tell SVN to start tracking all of those files (this will add all of the files
and directories recursively):

  $ svn add *

Make your first checkin:

  $ svn ci -m "Initial checkin of the openopt package."

Robert Kern

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