[SciPy-dev] Compiling scipy with Intel ifort & MKL

rex rex@nosyntax....
Tue Jun 12 17:22:10 CDT 2007

Matthieu Brucher <matthieu.brucher@gmail.com> [2007-06-12 14:26]:
>     Ah, I was misremembering this: "Note that code compiled by the Intel
>     Fortran Compiler (IFC) [ifort] is not binary compatible with code compiled
>     by
>     g77. Therefore, when using IFC, all Fortran codes used in SciPy must be
>     compiled with IFC. This also includes the LAPACK, BLAS, and ATLAS
>     libraries. Using GCC for compiling C code is OK."
> Oups sorry... Perhaps the next GCC Fortran compiler will solve this...

No need to be sorry; I misremembered, not you. :(  And, the quote above
is from the SciPy wiki and the recently released ifort 10.0 may (or may
not) be binary compatible with g77.



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