[SciPy-dev] Is it ok to depend on ctypes for scipy code ?

Robert Kern robert.kern@gmail....
Wed Jun 13 16:57:15 CDT 2007

Stefan van der Walt wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 13, 2007 at 12:04:17PM -0700, Andrew Straw wrote:
>>> There are several people who have started with this solution (I'm pretty 
>>> sure it is solvable), but none of these solutions have ended up in 
>>> distutils or numpy.distutils. 
>> Can someone refresh my memory - I thought Stefan van der Walt (IIRC) was
>> working on this a while ago. What happened with that?
> I remember asking what *exactly* the problem is with building shared
> libraries using distutils (but I don't recall the answer).  I happily
> use distutils to build libraries for use with ctypes under Linux.

The linking process on Windows requires an extension module to actually have the
initfoo function.

Robert Kern

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