[SciPy-dev] [pymachine] moving code outside the sandbox into scikits ?

Matthieu Brucher matthieu.brucher@gmail....
Sat Jun 23 06:25:13 CDT 2007

> it's too long to type each time "from scikits.machinelearning import
> (...)"
> maybe, machlearn or maclearn or mach_learn or ml?

Too long perhaps, but muwh more understandable. One would just have to make
before "import scikits.machinelearning as ml" and it would be much more

As for me, I would implement 2 ways of calling each scikits module - one
> long and unique, other small, but also unique.
> for example,
> 1st: from scikits.openopt import (...)
> 2nd: from scikits.oo import (...) (for those who types it dozens times
> per day, for example module developers itself)

Like as said before, it is possible ;)

However, I don't know how to do the trick via setuptools, as well as
> supply my py-files installed with their compiled versions (setup.py
> compiles my py-files but (I don't know why) they are absent in
> destination directory) and howto pass "-j 2" option to 'make' routine
> when I call 'python setup.py install' (or maybe parallel compiling
> options should be passed somehow else?)

"python setup.py install" calls make ? I don't think so. This should be
proposed to the setuptools ML ;)

If the .py files aren't in the egg, add them explicitely.

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