[SciPy-dev] Question regarding the configuration of MoinMoin

Andreas Flöter Andreas.Floeter@web...
Tue Jun 26 00:38:10 CDT 2007


Since I have asked to people directly maybe somebody on the mailing list might 
help me. 

I have seen the http://www.scipy.org/Cookbook moinmoin based wiki and I find 
it very appealing. Since I tried to set up a moinmoin I found some topics not  
so easy to resolve. Yet setting up moinmoin is a straight forward task but 
getting  some "extra" things to work seems to me not so easy, e.g. 
- the style applied to the Cookbook looks like the modern style yet it seems 
  to be different; I like the Cookbook style better. Is there information 
  available about the structure of the pages, macros, page templates, 
  CSS, etc. which are used for it?

-  the navigation menu is very attractive. I found that one can get lost very 
   easily by a default wiki. Are templates used for Cookbook? How is the 
   menu generated? Is there an automatism to generate menu information
   from categories and/or title information of pages?

- what kind of "extras" is Cookbook using, e.g. macros, actions, templates, 
   etc. and for which purpose?
- what kind of authorisation model is applied? Anonymous users are not 
  allowed to edit the pages. I am looking for a similar scheme where only
  certain user who are logged in can modify the pages.

You see that I have a couple of questions. If you could provide me with some 
iinformation how Cookbook is working and setup I would very much appreciate 
your help.


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