[SciPy-dev] I can't find howto get exp(x) or a^x in NumPy_for_Matlab_Users page

Robert Kern robert.kern@gmail....
Thu Jun 28 12:38:03 CDT 2007

Gabriel Gellner wrote:
> This would be good to know . . . I have used numpy.linalg in all of my
> new code instead of scipy.linalg . . . I thought this was the preferred
> way . . . a deprecation warning would be appreciated. 

numpy.linalg is not deprecated, yet. It won't be expanded (at least until the
developer team gets entirely replaced), but it won't be going anywhere, yet. It
*might* be removed in 1.1, but no planning on that has happened, yet.

You have to make the decision yourself based on your needs which module you use.

Robert Kern

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