[SciPy-dev] bug in scipy.stats.norm.cdf ?

eric jones eric@enthought....
Sun Mar 4 20:27:33 CST 2007

The bleeding edge is using our new "enstaller" with eggs.  We're 
(still...) working out issues
with the installation process and also trying to unscramble  some bugs 
in our package eggs. 
That said, ipython, scipy, numpy, and matplotlib all seem to work fine 
on it.

Here are the latest directions for installing the packages used in a 
class I am teaching:

1) download 

2) install, choosing the defaults

3) The last step of the install process will ask if you want to launch 
the enstaller app, choose yes. This will bootstrap our our custom 
installer app.

4) When the gui pops up, the inner frame will have 2 tabs, "Installed" 
and "Repositories", click on the "Repositories" tab

5) Click on the "Find Installable Packages" button which will populate 
the table.

6) Find the package name "teaching_python", change the install status to 
"Install", then click the "Install Packages" button under the table. 
This is a meta-package which will actually install all of the dependencies.

7) When the app is done installing the package, you can close the app.


John Hunter wrote:
> On 3/4/07, eric jones <eric@enthought.com> wrote:
>> It looks like it works with latest install of Python -- Enthought
>> Edition on WinXP.  This is python 2.4.3.
>> In [87]: scipy.__version__
>> Out[87]: '0.5.3.dev2749'
> Hey Eric,
> On the enthought python download page
> http://code.enthought.com/enthon/, the scipy version is listed as
> "SciPy Scientific Library for Python" but you are showing
> a much more recent version.  The code I am using in scipy.stats was
> broken in one of the 0.5.0.* branches I was testing on, so I want to
> make sure my students, who are mainly win32, are getting the latest
> packages.  I was planning on pointing them to the enthought edition;
> is there a pointer to a development or testing release, or is the
> version number on the main page out of date?
> Thanks,
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