[SciPy-dev] Proposal for more generic optimizers (posted before on scipy-user)

Matthieu Brucher matthieu.brucher@gmail....
Thu Mar 8 07:51:01 CST 2007

Thanks for the comments !

Hard to say since there is no interface description,

In fact, the interface description is in the files, but I can put a global
description here, after I used your comments to enhance the code :)

but a couple reactions ...
> - isolate the examples (probably you already did) perhaps in
>   a subdirectory

Will be done

- possibly package the step classes together

This can be done, also for the optimizer type and the criterias as the goal
is to be able to use every optimizer with every step and every criteria.

- don't introduce the NoAppendList class unless it is really
>   needed, and it doesn't seem to be.  The Optimizer can just
>   create a standard container when needed to keep track of
>   as much of the optimization history as might be desired.
>   (Thinking about an interface to express various desires
>   might be useful.)

The purpose of this list was to not make a test inside the iteration loop.
In the first idea I had, a test was made to know if the parameters were to
be saved or not. I'm balanced between the two solutions.

- rename Criterions, perhaps to Criteria or ConvergeTest

Yes, sorry, I did not use the good translation.

OK, I'll work on the update.

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