[SciPy-dev] mlabwrap scikit [Was: Re: scikits project]

Jeff Strunk jstrunk@enthought....
Thu Mar 29 09:33:09 CDT 2007

On Wednesday 28 March 2007 10:13 pm, Alexander Schmolck wrote:
> Shouldn't having a svn account mean that I'd be able to succesfully log in
> to the trac interface at
> <https://projects.scipy.org/scipy/scikits/browser/trunk/mlabwrap> using the
> same account? I can't either use the AlexanderSchmolck login I created on
> scipy.org, nor the POP3/SVN login a.schmolck@gmail.com[1]  I received an
> email from webmin@scipy.org on Friday[3]; however I *can* commit to the
> repository using svn (I've sent an email to webmin@scipy.org, but haven't
> heard anything back).

Trac accounts, moin accounts, and SVN accounts are all separate. You'll need 
to register and fill in your email address in the settings section for each 
Trac you use.

If you had a Scipy Trac account, it was copied over to the Scikits trac when 
it was created. However, the settings section was not synchronized.

If you want to get email about tickets, you must enter your email address in 
the settings section of each trac you use.

I will start to receive email sent to webmin@scipy.org now.

Jeff Strunk
IT Administrator
Enthought, Inc.

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