[SciPy-dev] Roadmap for SciPy/Numpy

Gilles G. schaouette@free...
Fri Mar 30 03:48:32 CDT 2007

> Yes, that is the right link.  I found the other one and fixed both,
> and added comments to help us find them again when they break next
> time.  Thanks for letting me know about them!
> --jh--
Thanks a lot, these links a really helpfull to understand the way you want 
things to be done in SciPy.
Now, from what I understood, there must be a "private area" aimed at 
contributors only (I reckon it's the developper zone), where all 
developpement of code and documentation should happen, and the main site 
should be a "public area" where only stable and clean features and 
documentation are presented.
For example, if I want to add some screenshots in the "ScreenShots" of the 
wiki, I must:
- edit the ScreenShots page on the wiki (this page is only accessible from the 
MigratingFromPlone page, i.e. private area)
- ask on this mailing list if these screenshots are good, or if I must change 
- Once everyone is happy with the screenshot page, I can put a link to this 
ScreenShots page on the public area (for example on the main page).
Did I understand well?
I just don't want to edit the wiki the wrong way...


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