[SciPy-dev] Roadmap for SciPy/Numpy

Joe Harrington jh@physics.ucf....
Fri Mar 30 09:49:51 CDT 2007

> > Yes, that is the right link.  I found the other one and fixed both,
> > and added comments to help us find them again when they break next
> > time.  Thanks for letting me know about them!
> > --jh--
> Thanks a lot, these links a really helpfull to understand the way you want 
> things to be done in SciPy.
> Now, from what I understood, there must be a "private area" aimed at 
> contributors only (I reckon it's the developper zone), where all 
> developpement of code and documentation should happen, and the main site 
> should be a "public area" where only stable and clean features and 
> documentation are presented.
> For example, if I want to add some screenshots in the "ScreenShots" of the 
> wiki, I must:
> - edit the ScreenShots page on the wiki (this page is only accessible from the 
> MigratingFromPlone page, i.e. private area)
> - ask on this mailing list if these screenshots are good, or if I must change 
> anything.
> - Once everyone is happy with the screenshot page, I can put a link to this 
> ScreenShots page on the public area (for example on the main page).
> Did I understand well?
> I just don't want to edit the wiki the wrong way...

> -- 
> Gilles

Yes, that's the idea for a completely new area of the site.  If you're
tweaking an existing area that's relatively mature, just be sure
whoever maintains it is aware of what you're doing.  If you're
overhauling, talk to the community.  Discussion might include where
and how to add the page (e.g., on the main site, or under
Documentation).  We have to depend on people's good judgement, so
please err on the side of asking.  Since ScreenShots existed in the
old plone site and nobody's migrated it yet, doing so would be a
service.  Thanks in advance for your contributions!


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