[SciPy-dev] sandbox packages under Windows XP

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Wed Nov 14 21:46:28 CST 2007

Nils Wagner wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have installed numpy,scipy and pylab under Windows XP.
> Is there a chance to include the sandbox packages arpack 
> and lobpcg into the next binary installers ?
> If not, how can I install the bleeding-edge versions (svn) 
> of numpy, scipy and matplotlib under Windows XP ?
> So far I have installed Mingw and Cygwin.
You don't need cygwin per se. To build numpy and scipy, you need:
    - a C compiler 
    - a Fortran compiler

So with mingw, you get 1 and 2 (be sure to select g77 in mingw, is it 
not selected by default). You still need BLAS/LAPACK, which is not 
difficult to build with mingw (use the linux makefiles; I find cygwin to 
be helpful here to compile those, though).

If you are willing to use cygwin, you may want to use garnumpy:


This is just a set of makefiles and rules to build numpy, scipy and all 
the dependencies (including umfpack, some sandboxed packages, BLAS, 
LAPACK and ATLAS; I don't think ATLAS would work on cygwin, though). 
Think about it as a global configuration so that everything is compiled 
with the same rules. To use it under cygwin, you will need one 
modification. In gar.cc.mk, add -mno-cygwin, and remove -fPIC

F77_COMMON              += -mno-cygwin
F77_OPTIMS              += -O3 -funroll-all-loops
F77_COMMON              += $(GFORTRAN_FLAGS)
CFLAGS_COMMON           += -mno-cygwin

Once you do this, just do:

make garchive             # download all the tarballs: numpy, scipy, 
ipython, fftw3, etc...
cd platform && make numpy # build numpy and all dependencies: BLAS, LAPACK
cd platform && make scipy # build scipy, umfpack, etc....

For sandboxed packages, you should use the variable SCIPYSANDPKG in 
gar.conf.mk (there is one example in the comment). This cannot be used 
to build things from SVN, though.



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