[SciPy-dev] Problem about scipy.integrate.odeint

Couge Chen couge.chen@gmail....
Mon Nov 26 12:21:55 CST 2007

Hi all,

I met a weird problem when using scipy.integrate.odeint(). It is followed as:

from scipy import *
y=integrate.odeint(lambda y,t:sin(y)*y,y0=random.rand(N),t=arange(0,100))

Here, I need to solve a field equation and have to set the large
number N. If N>= 73300 or N<=70400, it works well. However, if N is
within the range(70400,73300), an error message "MemoryError" shows

I am very confused about that. My python version is "Python2.4.3",
scipy version is "scipy". By the way, my computer's basic
configuration is CoreDuo 1.83GHz of CPU, 1GB of RAM, and WinXP. Anyone
can help me? Thanks a lot!


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