[SciPy-dev] what the heck is an egg ;-)

Joe Harrington jh@physics.ucf....
Fri Nov 30 14:11:42 CST 2007

A lot of the add-on software for numpy/scipy is distributed using novel
Python install processes (eggs, setup.py) rather than tarballs or the
preferred OS-native installers (dpkg, rpm, etc.).  I'm sure they are
described, perhaps even well, in other places, but, since scipy.org is
our portal, I think it would be good to have a few-line description of
each method on the Download page and a link to more detailed
descriptions elsewhere (or on subsidiary pages).  An example of
installing a package many will want, like mayavi2, would be great.

In particular, many sysadmins (who might be considering a user's request
for an install and know nothing about python) get nervous when package
managers other than the native one for the OS start mucking around in
the system directories, and are hesitant to use something like eggs.
Some statements describing what they do and where they put stuff would
be good (like, a guarrantee that they only tread in certain
directories).  How to update and how to completely remove a package
would be good.  Is there a way to have them check periodically for
updates?  Of course, a statement near the top of why these methods are
used rather than the native OS installers would help a lot.



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